Orphan 3 is teased by Esther herself.During a live Twitter event, Isabelle Furhman, dropped some hints.  David Coggeshall, the  script writer, answered several questions from fans. The duo provided some facts at the same time. As of the time this article was written, the prequel film Orphan: First Kill had taken in a total of $12,047,805 at the box office.

It might not seem like much, but keep in mind that this is only playing in a select number of theaters. The streaming service Paramount Plus is where the majority of the movie’s revenue was generated.  The movie that was streamed the most on the site for a total of three consecutive weeks. That indicates that it is successful as a film  from the platform.
Orphan 3 Might happen and we may not need to wait for another...

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I am so flattered that they listen to my suggestion to make a 3rd movie. Now Esther is a horror movie icon because she finally have a trilogy. I read the Twitter event and I found out that Esther's fake teeth was inspired from child pageants like Toddler's and Tiaras where little girls wears fake teeth to look cute.
Glad they didn't recast. No one else can play Esther but Isabelle. I still wonder why it took them 13 years to make the second movie.


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The 3rd film might be a midquel. Since they will incorporate Esther attacking Gunnar's friends. If they will go to the events before First kill, Esther was a prostitute marketed to pedophiles before she became a serial killer. That's why she have daddy issues. I don't think they can use that for a movie so they will go for the events after First kill. My theory is that Gunnar's friends will attack Esther.


What Twist they could come out with after the first 2 movies. I think the 3rd movie should not rely on twist anymore. Just have Esther do what she loves the most and that is killing people. That is her ultimate art form as a movie villain. She finds creative ways to kill people because of her lacking in size.


I want a sequel instead of another Prequel. Lets say Esther actually survive the kick on the head and she gets to go for another identity. I knew I feel the movie feels incomplete because she didn't do anything to Gunnar's friends.


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How about make the 3rd movie an Alternate Reality or a reboot. So we have a continuity where she is alive. its hard to continue a story if the big bad is dead in the first film.


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I am not sure how a third movie will work but then I doubted a 2nd movie will work because Esther is dead but they made it worked by making it a prequel. I can see if there will be more prequels after the first kill, the story will go back in reverse.
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I think the 3rd movie will be a sequel again, How she will end up at the mental asylum. The movie is likely to be set in Estonia with actors having to pull off Estonian accents.


The Twist of First Kill rescued the movie from failing. I hope they have better writing on the next film.


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This is what defines a great team behind a great and fantasic movie lease.They ensure that they take all the feedback from their audience.I mean a movies to break such a record and have two follow sequals is simply phenominal.Am sure the movie will continue to gross.