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Orphan 2: First Kill uses CGI to make a former child actress gets to reprise her iconic role. When she was just nine years old, she played the role of the petite serial killer. Now she is a blond 25-year-old with a height of 5’2, but she can reprise the part that puts her on the Hollywood map. Years later, she bagged more iconic roles like Clove from Hunger Games and Alex from The Novice after that role.
CGI is used to make her smaller again. They also used the help of a child’s body double and swapped her face with hers. Isabelle Furhman has a career in voice acting, too, so she could sound like a child again. CGI is used to de-aged an actor who is not new. Netflix Deaged Senior citizen actors Al Pacino and Robert Deniro with the English man. This movie is next level de-aging because they...

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WOW she looks small again! I want to see Meg Ryan in a romcom again, Hope they use same technology to make her 20 again.


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Esther is the next demonic child to plague Julia Stiles; Damien from The Omen was first, and now Esther. It's a shame they killed the character off; the most we can hope for is a prequel, assuming this film is a success.


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However, since she is re-adopted in the first movie and it took them some time to realize she wasn't a child, won't we already know what happens? If we seen the first movie, we would all know that this family will perish. The main family will appear foolish throughout the entire thing if there isn't some sort of twist. That "Esther" is an adult woman is obvious to ANYONE. Perhaps they lacked the funds to age-regress her, or this won't be the same character from the 2009 version. If so, she will kill everyone and go back to the orphanage, and we all know how this will end. In any case, it's still cool to run into her after so long.
I'm not sure whether you recall the first movie's twist. Esther, however, was a 33-year-old lady posing as a 9-year-old. She might simply be acting younger than nine in this prequel. Or any age.


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I don't have high hopes for the special effects because they do a superb job of making her look like a child in several scenes. Then, you can tell that she is older since the scenes just seem ludicrous. It is even more unbelievable as it is a prequel. Instead, they need to have employed deep fake. She appears much too old in this to be plausible.


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She doesn't look like a child in this movie, but I actually think that works since it makes it seem as though we are now seeing her in this way because we know her secret. I like that viewpoint because, despite our best efforts, we can no longer picture her as the young girl because only the audience is aware that she is an adult. However, the characters perceive her like we did in the first film. I am excited to see this one after seeing the first one in cinemas.


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OMG, Look at my Username and Avatar, This was my favorite movie of all time and I never thought it will ever have a sequel or prequel.


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Isabelle needs to be choosy with her roles. She is a talented actress and this movie is now beneath her.


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CGI is really a game changer in the entertainment business isn't it? So they did not have to look for another person to play the part in the sequel. They just picked the same person and let them play the part again. I don't know why I feel like that's cheating! LOL.


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I heard Isabella was kneeling in some scenes of the movie so she will look like the size of a child. She was kneeling for hours. That is dedication, she must have fond memories of playing Esther as a child that she decided to reprise the role as an adult.