Original Full Color Bust Artwork

Kamen Rider Cartoonist

The Ink Stained Fist of Justice!
I recently stumbled across some limited print run books that I'd like to purchase, unfortunately I'm a bit low on funds.

Why does this concern you fine folks? - Well, because I am currently offering a special deal on Full Color Bust commissions for $15.

Bust - Artwork depicting a person's head and shoulders

What exactly will you get? - You'll get both a high-resolution (printable) and low-resolution (digital use) copy of the finished picture sent to your provided email.

Any character will be accepted, whether they be Pre-existing Characters (any of the official Toku characters), Original Characters, or Fan Characters. I'll even do non-toku characters.

Here's an example of what you can look forward to - Previously commissioned Bust illustration.

Out of the ten original slots, only eight are currently still open. All orders must be recieved by June 1st. Payment must be sent through Paypal. For the full details click here.

If you are interested in ordering a picture, contact me either here or at Deviant Art.


Kamen Rider Cartoonist

The Ink Stained Fist of Justice!
Only two days remain to claim one of the remaining slots in this deal.

Don't miss out on this chance to see your favorite character(s) rendered in full color for only $15.

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