(Or Trade) DX Mechas: Mega Voyager, Mega Winger, Q-Rex, Beetleborgs, Sentai, Shaider

Black Fang

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Here are some more DX mechas I have up for sale.

DX Mega Voyager. The arms are loose and Mega V1's head is broken off, but stays relatively stable on the body with some glue. $25

DX Mega Winger. The clip for the right leg to lock to the body in vehicle mode is broken, but otherwise it's in good condition. $30


DX Q-Rex. I think all it needs are new batteries, but everything else is complete and in tact. $60


DX Frog Ninjazord - (right rear leg is loose). $10


DX Red Striker AV. The horn and mini-figure are missing. $15


ST version Vavilos from Uchuu Keiji Shaider. It essentially fits in the palm of your hand and can shoot missiles from its chest. It technically only has the robot mode, but you can convert it into the basic configuration of the ship mode. (The legs cannot contract, so you have to place the feet close together.) On the plus side, this figure is highly poseable. The right chest wing is a bit loose, but beyond that it's in good condition. $30

I accept Paypal or money order. Also, I'm willing to trade for the following:
DX Time Flyer with the mini-figures that go in the DX Time Robo.
Any Complete Selection Ryuki Advent Card deck(s) except Scissor, Tiger, Verde, and Femme

PM me regarding questions. Thank you for looking.

Black Fang

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All items still available. Also, here are some additions to the Trade list.

DX Lion Thunderzord chest and helmet jewels
DX Roboborg leg

Also for sale (not pictured, will post them later) are a DX Centaurus and DX Stratoforce Megazord.


Is this stuff from a smoking home? Reason I ask is everything has a yellowish tint, could be the camera though.