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Ordinarily the books we discuss here tend to be graphic novels, but the product we’re about to talk about is actually a regular novel, with just text. However, it happens to be a buddy comedy novel about a washed-up actor and a super-intelligent chimpanzee taking down the Mob, so why miss this opportunity? This is One Tough Bastard.
Shane Moxie used to be the hottest action hero in Hollywood. His big-budget shootouts made zillions of dollars — that is, until the fateful weekend his action/comedy Copsicle was released. It was the sensation of 1997, but people cared less about the unfrozen caveman cop Moxie played and more about his sidekick, Duke the chimp. Ever since, it’s been Duke who’s been getting all the calls and gigs — and Shane can’t stand it!
There’s been bad blood between Shane and Duke for years, but now, at the 20th anniversary screening of Copsicle, he sees a chance to make a comeback. He’ll have to learn to get along with Duke for one entire night first — the evening...
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