One-of-a-Kind Tokusatsu/Mecha/Monster Artwork

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After working on multiple Sketch Card sets, I've decided to try doing a batch of my own sketch cards.

This is your chance to own one of a kind artwork of your favorite Tokusatsu and Anime heroes, villains, and mecha!


(Examples made on sample cards sent to me fom the printer. Other sketch cards I have done in the past.)

There are ten slots open; one slot per person, but you can order as many cards per slot as you'd like.

Each card will be $20 each, and that includes shipping and handling. If ordering multiple cards, each additional card will be $15.

The cards will be hand drawn, one of a kind art - featuring one character of your choosing. Any character is welcome, as long as you can provide me with reference. Mild nudity is acceptable, but nothing pornographic.

The cards will not be drawn until they are printed, with the preorders covering the print cost. I will need at least five of the ten slots filled before I can order the blank cards. I will not be asking for payment until I have reached that goal.

PM me if you are interested.

Open Slots!
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Kamen Rider Cartoonist

The Ink Stained Fist of Justice!
Here's the last sample sketch card!

Here's your chance to get your favorite Sentai, Riders, Ultras, and more... Hand drawn artwork!

Message me if interested!

Kamen Rider Cartoonist

The Ink Stained Fist of Justice!
Since three of the four orders I've recieved so far have been for multple cards, I'll be able to order the blanks from the printer. As such I'm putting a deadline up for anyone interested in one of the remaining six slots.

After Friday May 7th at 3:00pm, I will no longer be accepting Pre-Orders. That evening I will contact those that have ordered and collect the payments. I will start accepting regular PSC commissions after the Pre-Orders have been finished and mailed out.

I also want to mention that folks that Pre-order will be getting something a little different that the rest. I can't go into details yet, but I'll post up those details after the printed cards are in my hands.

So, be sure to get in touch with me before the deadline on Friday!

Kamen Rider Cartoonist

The Ink Stained Fist of Justice!
Sorry about this, but I just want to point out that it's the last day to get your pre-order in. These will be happening, so the pre-orders have been successful. I'll be offering regular sketch card commissions after I have received the blanks from the printers. This is your last chance to get in on the first cards, with a special bonus just for Pre-Orders.

Any series is fair game as long as you can give me reference, that includes original and fan characters.

This is the last post I'm gonna make regarding these in this thread, but feel free to message me if interested, or if you have any questions.


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