Oh, Good: Arrowverse Guest Stars ARE Confirmed For The Flash

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Isn't in Amazing that Flash started as a spin-off of Arrow and it outlived Arrow but we cannot deny that Arrow kickstarted the Arrowverse. So it makes sense for Stephen Amell to make an appearance on the final Season of the Flash because this is the last active show of the Arrowverse.


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A wonderful consolation reward for the entire Sapphic community who suffered from all the cancelled Sapphic shows. Batwoman's appearance in the Flash finale is the band aid to cure the stabwounds. Batwoman is the first lesbian superhero to have her own standalone television series, and she was represented by two actresses. The program was canceled due to poor writing, but it offered the LGBTQ community the much-needed representation. I wish it was written better I do admit I tapped out after the first season.


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Meanwhile, The Legends fans got nothing. We will never have any kind of closure. The show is only one Season left and poof! canceled! I am jealous for the Flash Fans.


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Remember when Fans were Mourning that Ezra Miller will replace Grant Gustin? Well Grant Gustin's career as Barry Allen will end in an epic way while Ezra's flash may never see the movie theaters. He outlived the Cinematic Flash.


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Glad Dreamer will make an appearance in the Final Season. She is just an OG character from the Supergirl Series in Arrowverse but she is now Canon in the DC comics. They even give her the likeness of her actress. I can see why they put her in the finale because she is a baby of the Arrowverse. She appeared in Arrowverse first before the comics.

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