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I can't seem to find the old Revoltech Thread (maybe it got deleted along the H FiguArts one but Robot Damashii Thread is still alive:sweat:) so I decided to open a new one.

HLJ is having a Kaiyodo Sale and Revoltech is one of them: Revoltech Figures on Special Sale

I'm planning on taking advantage on this one to order along with SHF Heat Metal. I'm thinking about getting either Revoltech Date Masamune or Revoltech Eva-01 New Movie Edition Awakening Ver.

For anyone here who owns one, which do you think is better?

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I have quite a few of these...I own:

Gurren Lagann
Yokko movie ver
Ingram Unit 1
Type Zero
Shin Getter 1
New Getter 1
Black Getter
Rey Ayanami
Toshaka Rin.
Posting in an awesome thread.

I got a large number of the guys myself. Almost too large to list! Love the figs. Can't wait for the Getter Go to come out in May, to go with my massive Getter army (got every Getter fig they made, even the Black Shin and Black Dragon exclusives!).


I want the upcoming Trigun Revoltechs. Also, I got two ALIEN Revoltechs preordered for awesome goodness.


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I only have 3 Revoltechs: Megatron, Starscream, and Optimus Prime.

Don't really collect them but will pick up one here and there once in a while.


I'm wondering which one is better, Revoltech EVA-01 Awakening or Date Masamune?


I'm wondering which one is better, Revoltech EVA-01 Awakening or Date Masamune?
I'm with Date Masamune, but it's because it was the only one I own from those two:sweat:

Just finished took some pics of Alexander Jagi and Camus

My Revoltech collection

Sorry for the mix-up with Chogokin. And Yoko Movie ver, Yotsuba, Yotsuba DX Summer, and Gloomy are on the other shelf so they weren't there:sweat:[/HIDE]

Btw, found this pic:

Naughty Layton:laugh:[/HIDE]
I'm wondering which one is better, Revoltech EVA-01 Awakening or Date Masamune?
Go with Date Masamune.

How many figures does Eva have? Yeah, tons. Get that in a line you really like it in. Date Masamune has far far fewer figures (in fact, this may be the only one), so, you're not going to get many chances for a good Date fig.
Yeah. I already ordered one along with SHF Heat Metal. Thanks for the suggestions.
If I'm not mistaken, EVA-01 will have a Robot Damashii treatment...
Yeah, sometime this year. And if they don't have a model kit and/or a Soul of Chogokin out already, they'll more than likely have one of them out too.

Gainax knows how to merchandise. ;)


Shipped out randomly really means = Scam to getting rid of the restocked Camuses or Jagis, depending on which is overstocked more. :thumbs:

Might as well have gotten them from HLJ back when they were discounted to 500 or 600 yen.


So I have a Griffon Revoltech that I no longer need due to getting the Brave Gokin version, I'll easily swap it for another Revoltech, I'm not picky.

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