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This week, Square Enix’s long-awaited remake of the lost SNES classic Live A Live was released internationally. Millions are now getting the chance to enjoy this formerly Japan-exclusive title from the company’s Golden Age, now reproduced in the studio’s “H2-2D” style. A style that, by the way, just happened to be introduced by the game this article is talking about, so…cue segue!
A prequel to Octopath Traveler has just landed, but we have to tell you — it’s a mobile game. Mobile games have a well-deserved rep for being worse than any other type of video game, and we won’t fib here and claim there aren’t freemium mechanics in this one too. But if you want Octopath on the go, and you can’t bring your Switch with you for some reason, there’s a simple solution as of now.
The game is set a few years prior to the events of Octopath Traveler, at a time when cruel tyrants rule the world of Orsterra. Their greed and destruction have brought forth dark monsters and other perils that you and...

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Why is a Mainstream Studio like Square Enix releasing a game like this? This looks like it was made with RPG maker.


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The art design, the game mechanics, the music, the characters, and their narrative is all just so lovely! The remaster enhances the graphics, and I hope "CGI" only people will give this a shot. This game is a marvel. Expect a classic RPG with antique characters and sets but with 3d HD animated backgrounds that send you on a spectacular voyage that will please the adventurer in you!


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It is a Great JRPG with a beautiful soundtrack. I appreciate how this game is terrifying when we fight bosses with enormous illustrations. And this game reminds me of the best JRPG game ever, Suikoden II and Breath of Fire, from the city view and character accessories.
Seeing so many people labeling games as "boring" is a sad reflection on the current state of gaming. Turn-based role-playing games were decided by younger gamers who want to shoot or play more "mindlessly" and hence demand less attention and are therefore better suited for relaxing. Sadly, today's younger generation has a hard time appreciating anything that isn't action-packed.


Reminds me of Old School Final Fantasy Games with turn based mechanics. JRPGs these days are just Hack and Slash in disguise.

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The game is terrific. I played this years ago and can't wait to play more. My only criticism is I wish the characters engaged with each other more. If you do one character, your other characters disappear in cut scenes. And have no dialogue, or do they voice their thoughts on the subject? Maybe it's too much to demand everyone to have a linked story thread. But it would have been wonderful to have the characters talk to one other more. This opinion is based on the thousand hours I've played so far, and maybe things are fleshed out further, and I haven't gotten there yet. I genuinely hope so. Otherwise, it's a terrific game.