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In 2018, Square Enix found a way to return to its roots with the first Octopath Traveler game. Its unique (at the time) “2D-HD” visual art style allowed it to evoke the classic feel of their 8-bit and 16-bit RPGs while at the same time packing enough visual flair to compete with modern titles. Octopath Traveler was enough of a success that the art style was used in other Square games, most recently the Live A Live remake.
Now a sequel is officially on the way to PS4, PS5, Switch and PC (the original has been released on Switch, PC and XBox, but oddly not Playstation). Octopath Traveler II will use mostly the same formula as the first one, with eight unique characters from different backgrounds embarking on separate journeys but coming together for the main story. Gameplay will also mostly be the same, but with some tweaks; for example, the Path Actions skills characters use will be different depending on the time of day.

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These programmers have quickly risen to the top of my all-time favorite game programmers list. Even with all of its shortcomings, I adored Octopath Traveler. Triangle Strategy was essentially a masterpiece after that. I see the Fantastic work the developers put into the writing, world-building, characters, art, and music.
I'm looking forward to this the most out of anything else.


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I can't wait for this because the first Octopath is so fantastic. I'm hoping the characters will talk to each other more this time. They appear to have taken the criticism to heart so far. Since the stories seem more interconnected, I expect the travelers will have many fascinating and pertinent talks, as opposed to what they did in the first game with just the banter parts.
Sincerely, I never anticipated a sequel, but I can't wait to play this one because it looks incredible! Unless there is a lot of negative press about it, I'll probably buy this one.I can also clearly notice some live similarities here.


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The JRPG genre will reach its apex if this game maintains the freedom of movement from the first game while also strengthening the connections between the stories.