Not Okay,Unlikable female protagonist is the new romcom trend

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Not Okay, It Puts you in the shoes of an influencer who becomes a subject for cancel culture. Someone who becomes a target of Drama YouTube channels for doing something offensive. A person who gets the ultimate form of cancellation on Twitter and Instagram. There is a recent trend in romcoms: an unlikable female protagonist. Instead of Miss Goody Two shoes, she now gets the ladies who would be the story’s villain ten years ago.
This Hulu Original is the closest thing we get to a Gabbie Hannah biopic, except it is fictional. Female Protagonists in Romcoms are usually innocent maidens looking for love, A Nerdy girl who got the school Jock Smittened, or a Cinderella who finds her Prince charming. Writers always try to make them super likable to the point there is no more room for growth and character development.
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In the future, Zoey Deutch and Dylan O'Brien need to collaborate more, in my opinion because they deserve better than this project. They both looked to have amazing chemistry and make a fantastic couple. I'm excited to see them together once more after their success in The Outfit. Thank you for letting us know about the unlikable protagonist. , she is presumably highly unlikable and unpleasant, therefore your idea of reverse psychology is probably not worth paying to see. This job was perfect for Amber Heard.


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Yes, this can only go in one of two directions: either as a mockery of modern social media society or as a film that makes us struggle mightily to empathize with its condescending protagonists. Yes, this can only go one of two ways: either as a satire of modern social media society or as a film that makes us work really hard to empathize with its morally black protagonists. Someone is not necessarily a bad character just because they are a horrible person. It doesn't necessarily matter whether the protagonist is a nice or evil person; they can simply be boring and poorly written. Some of the best protagonist are bad people.


What a coincidence. There is a real life woman named Danni Sanders who got cyber bullied to death and it triggered her to commit suicide. Is the naming of the character intentional or coincidental?

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@Nadia So does this mean he will do lots of nudity in future movies?🤤
Flawed protagonists became popular these days because they have room for growth and improvement while the perfect goodie two shoes can be a bore. They are unrealistic and hard to relate with.