No UMD to Vita Transfer for NA


When The Fruit Of Life Corrupts Men

Apparently Sony is refusing to bring the "UMD Passport program" (registering your PSP games via Playstation network and downloading them for a very small fee) to North America, despite offering it to Japanese consumers


That's anyone's guess and I'm sure it's going to cause quite the backlash
Meh, it's pretty useless in Japan. :\ Most likely they weren't able to strike a deal with game developers. Same reason that Konami, Capcom, and Bandai Namco games weren't included with the program anyway (ORNORE CLIMAX HEROES FOURZE and GvG NEXT + !! :mad: ). Not only that; ever since the failure of the PSP Go, the PSP game on US's PSN are dirt cheap. The only one that's ridiculously price was Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny which was like $40 or $50 (Possibly the God of War games as well, if your into those. :p) Everything else ranged from around $5-$25. :)
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