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When Nintendo Switch Online added Earthworm Jim 2 to its SNES library earlier this year, everyone scratched their heads and wondered “Where’s Earthworm Jim 1?” Looks like the worm’s inaugural outing made it after all — just in a different collection.
We got the Genesis version of EWJ — it should be in that folder as of this morning (if it isn’t, let the update download itself). This isn’t a bad thing. Even though the Super NES version of Earthworm Jim has slightly better graphics and sound effects, the Genesis version is considered the definitive version as the game was made for that system (and also, people tend to like the FM-chip version of the soundtrack more).
Earthwirm Jim is what happened when the team behind the Genesis’ landmark Aladdin game broke off from Disney and pursued their own passion of making the weirdest platformer they possibly could. The result was a mix of cutting-edge...

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Elevation!!! WOO!
I know Earthworm Jim 5 is very recent but I hope this port leads to Earthworm Jim 6. I just don't want this franchise to die.


And all that I can see is just another Lemon tree
Well done, Nintendo; a strong lineup. Jim the Earthworm is the best. Nice! It's amazing that Earthworm Jim is now available for NSO on both the SNES and Genesis! The memories is incredible, I remember playing this game as a kid! Back then, I even watched the cartoons.


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How could I forget about the iconic, powerful super hero Earthworm Jim ? Even with his weaponry and elastic abilities, he was quite tough, and the way he used his head to swing about was pretty interesting. Kids these days needs to play games from the past as its history.


If there will be a new Earthworm Jim after this, It can be possibly 3d because of the current audience.