Nintendo Officially OK With Fanart

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Nintendo Officially OK With Fanart

No video game company is more protective of their intellectual property than Nintendo. They will only allow their characters (and any game they have ever created) to appear on their machines exclusively. Any appearance of Mario or Donkey Kong involves thorough negotiations with the company to make sure their image isn't desecrated in any way. Small wonder how they became so cautious, after being too lenient in the 80's and 90's and allowing certain embarrassing products the Internet now...
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Come on, now! Fan art has been around for years. If anything, companies should be honored that fans love their characters so, in order to come up with different ideas of them and stories in their pictures. Companies need to stop calling foul on the fans, that's how you lose people in your fan base.


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I agree that the companies should be honored by the fanarts that the people who love the company make. It's riddiculous to say something different about this. It's lucky that they held on to their fanbase before they weren't ok with the fanart.

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