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Nightmare Reaper is like a love song to the early days of first Person shooters before everything goes 3D. It is now available for PC, and playing a game with early 90s graphics brings back childhood memories. Do not be discouraged by the dated-looking art style because that makes the feeling so unique. It felt like you are playing an old game from the early 90s but with a twist. The Game’s female protagonists are also a Unique quirk because most games from that era barely had playable female characters. You will play as an unnamed woman who is having nightly nightmares. She is a patient in a Mental institution, and whenever she falls asleep, she experiences demons of different apparitions and monsters attacking her. Our Crazy lady is no damsel in distress, and she can fight for her life in these terrifying lucid...

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The story is really intriguing and I am already midway playing this game and I am taking a break after hours of playing. The Game is great except from the village level which is glitchy and I hope they patch it.

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The Hospital Segments have no enemies but I find it creepier over the nightmares because I am alone and there is nothing but emptiness.


There are so many fun weapons to unlock and some of them are out of this world. I like the gun that has homing bees as bullets.