Night In Riverager, Prequel To My Beautiful Paper Smile, Releases Tuesday

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Jun 20, 2012
Two Star Games released My Beautiful Paper Smile on Steam last year. Now they’re about to hit everyone with a follow-up prequel chapter — and you won’t need to own the original to play. You won’t even need to pay money!
My Beautiful Paper Smile is a psychological horror game where you play as a “Joyous,” a small child stuck in a brainwashing facility. The kid is an involuntary part of an experiment to create “perfect people” who are always smiling, but the kid gets tired of this and attempts an escape. To pull this off you have to get past each room safely and solve challenging puzzles. Crazy paper-cut art style with scrawled lines everywhere highlighted the disturbing setting.
But before any of that happened, there was Night In Riverager — the story of a masked hunter in a dark, monochrome world not unlike the original. Two Star is playing coy on exactly what happens in the prologue, preferring the masses find out for themselves…all they’ll say is this: “Things are...

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