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The indie horror film Night Caller will be reaching digital platforms later this week, after making the rounds on the festival circuit.
A little history lesson before we talk about this one: there were a lot of ads on 1990s daytime television for the Psychic Friends Network, a hotline full of alleged clairvoyants who would give you a “reading” (literally from a piece of paper, investigations proved). They were eventually shut down; evidently the fine print “for entertainment only” on the ads wasn’t big enough. Since this movie starts at a psychic phone line, it’s unclear if it takes place in the past (the green computer monitor would imply it does).
But of course, in THIS story the psychics aren’t faking. The central character, Clementine, has real powers and when some guy named James calls in (who already sounds sinister), Clementine gets a vision of him committing a murder. The cops can’t help because he hasn’t technically done anything yet. It’s up to Clementine and her friend...

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What Platform where I can watch this? It is not on Netflix and HBO Max. Is this in Shudder? That is where most indie horror movies go.