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There will be no E3 this year, but in case you were hoping for the next Tomb Raider to be revealed anyway….uhh, you’ve actually got a much longer wait. Crystal Dynamics admitted today they are only just NOW getting started on that game. Blame Marvel’s Avengers for taking all their time up to now.
General manager Dallas Dickinson appeared onscreen in a Twitter video to make the announcement:

Crystal Dynamics is incredibly excited about the future of Unreal and how it will help us take our storytelling to the next level. That's why we're proud to announce that our next #tombraider game is being built on Unreal Engine 5!
— Tomb Raider (@tombraider) April 5, 2022

At such an early date, we know next to nothing about the next Tomb...

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Are we still going to have Camilla Luddington as Lara? I was so accustomed to her. I see Lara grow through her voice. I hope Lara won't get recast!


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My Username speaks for itself. I logged in after years of silence because I want to express how happy I am that there will be another adventure for Lara Croft. I hope this is not a reboot because I want Survivor-era Lara to continue. I played the classic era games, but Survivor Lara is my favorite character incarnation. She feels like a human with flaws and fears.


I genuinely hope the games return to being fun. I just want to see Lara having a good time again! Lara, in 2013 is far too serious and enraged.

Also, the classic dual weapons and braid must return... gosh, I'm just hoping we get something.


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Even though I'm not familiar with the Tomb Raider franchise, I observed a specific approach to Lara's character, especially regarding the film side of things. I believe the emphasis on cinematic was done on purpose.


You never played the games. No Offense, but your comment gets on my nerves.
You call yourself a fan, but you only like the Survivor Lara and not the Classic Lara. The Nerve!

We will be getting a new version of Lara in this upcoming Game.

She is gonna be the Unified Lara. She will have elements of all versions.

Unified Lara? Square Enix hates classic Lara so much that they instead make another variation. So what if Classic Lara is a sex symbol? She is a woman with confidence! All this desexualizing to impress Anita Sarkeesian.


Back in February, a Tomb Raider event revealed a Unified Lara statue. She has the Survivor Necklace, The Classic Double pistol holster, and wears shorts again. She also has braids. Unified Lara will be a toughened version of Survivor and has the sex appeal of Classic.


Since the first game on my PS1, I've been a massive fan of the series. And the final trilogy was fantastic, with stunning visuals. Hopefully, they will be able to create the goods once more. The Tomb Raider relaunched games were incredible. They were all wonderful.I completed all three games and all of the DLC add-ons.

People need to stop debating which version of Lara is the best. They are All Lara.


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Wow, such a coincidence! I'm currently working my way through the trilogy, having only begun a few days ago. I'm having a great time and am looking forward to seeing how the new game looks in Unreal Engine 5!


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You know what the next games need? Female goons, Lara needs to have some female goons to kill. The only female villains she have are bosses,Animals and major villains. All the lower henchmen are men.


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I don't really know if it's possible to "unify" the series. We've had multiple canon explanations for what happened to the parents, at this point, plus 14 yr old Lara being the acolyte of Dr. Von Croy, which seems harder to make make sense in a complete universe, now.

I think they must have meant unify it thematically, which they did a decent job with Shadow of the Tomb Raider in that department & parts of Rise of the Tomb Raider were like that, with the tombs & traps. Either that, or we're now saying that all Tomb Raider adventures are technically canon, but not 100% the way they've been presented to us already. Of course, some of the canon came from the instruction manuals, not the games themselves, so... I don't know. This seems like a logistical nightmare. Looking forward to it, though.


I don't think Unified Lara is going to be Survivor Lara. She is another Lara from another continuity, and she could be an amalgamation of the past incarnations. She may have experience Being a Survivor like 2013 Lara, but she also fought Egyptian Gods like OG Lara. Are movie versions also part of this new Lara. Only time will tell.