Next Generation Mortal Kombat On The Way?

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Nathan Gibson submitted a new blog post:

Next Generation Mortal Kombat On The Way?

A new Mortal Kombat game might be making an appearance in the very near future if a leaked poster found by a member of Reddit is anything to go by. The leaked poster shows a shattered spine with the words “Who’s Next?” accompanied by the series’ logo.

The rumoured game would be the first appearance of the franchise on next generation consoles and the...
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I had absolutely no idea where the franchise was until now. The last time I remember playing was when I was nine or so on the PlayStation one. I am definitely keeping my eyes and ears open this June.


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They released a PS3 gen game a few years ago though I never heard much about it after it's release. I can only guess it didn't do very well to warrant much chatter among gamers.

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