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We knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less: Warner Bros and Paramount confirmed the plan to sell off their jointly-owned broadcast network The CW to nationwide station owner Nexstar is a go. Nexstar will take 75 percent ownership of the network, while WB and CBS will take 12.5% shares each, allowing them to continue producing original scripted content for the thing, though not nearly as much. CEO Mark Pedowitz will remain in his position as head of CW for now.
But he’ll REALLY answer to Nexstar CEO Perry Sook, who loves saying the word “operational” a lot: “Our acquisition of The CW is strategically and operationally compelling, as it will enable us to leverage our operational experience to improve the network’s performance through our management of this powerful national platform. We plan to apply the same strict financial standards to operating The CW as we apply to our...

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I worry about Stargirl, I hope it transfer to HBO Max. I use to like CW because use to rarely cancel shows.


The WB states that. When Warner Brothers acquired KTLA, they declared: "This next automobile is going to." Oh, there won't be any changes anytime soon, and if you do need to alter your programming to appeal to a particular audience, make sure to choose shows that will entice viewers to your channel! Next Star should be accused of operating as a monopoly since it has so many stations and locations around the nation. I can't believe they're being that stingy with an investment of only low nine digits. Geez, crack open the pocket a bit.
The fact that the CW flat-out refused to change is, in my opinion, their largest problem. The CW today is a throwback to a time when consumers didn't really care about a show's production value and genre shows were expected to run complete 22–24 episode seasons on tiny budgets. But that's simply not the case any longer. Since the CW has been producing shows for viewers in 2007, they have been biting their butts. I asked them to change but not this way where shows get cancelled.
The death of the Arrowverse makes sense. I used to like the CW because its serials have a high rate of survival. When it comes to canceling shows, it is now similar to Fox.


Hey what happend with dude in helmet on right side? I remember him from Arrow first seasons. He was millioner who made some powerful suit. I forgot his name.