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The new Xbox is unveiled today and we'll be on top of the event and updating as new information arrives all through the day.

Event Coverage is brought us by IGN.

The event is currently starting up and is going through the history of the xbox as of right now.

Official Console name is Xbox One

Console is Cloud Powered

Has a Kinect that comes with it.

Controller is a throw back to the original Controller in terms of color and similar design

Console's Hub has a memory function for keeping what your doing most on your console main screen for quick selection

Hub has a trending function to let you know what's popular in the media

Console is can work with voice commands

Can switch between multiple functions (Games, Live TV, Music) via voice commands.

Snap Mode: Similar to split screen function on most computers able to run two programs at the same time.

Has a tv guide mode that can be used via Voice search, favorites, or what's trending.

Hand motions to shrink or enlarge screen.

Allows Windows Smartphones to act as a remote

Has Skype, able to do group video calls.

Fantasy Football mode

Console Specs:
8 Core CPU
8Gigs of Ram
5 Billion Transistors
500 Gig HDD
USB 3.0
Blu-Ray Drive
802.11n Wireless with Wi-fi Direct
Native 64bit Architecture
Near silent Operation

Next Gen Kinect:
Better Understanding of human movement(Wrist, Ankle, And shoulder Movement as example)
1080pi Wide screen Camera

New Controller
Integrated Battery compartment
Impulse Triggers
Wi-fi Direct Radio Stack
Precision D-Pad

Tablets can become controllers as well via smart Glass

New xbox live powered by over 300 Thousand Servers

Game DVR to edit and share moments on XBL

EA sports
Fifa14 Ultimate Team
A NFL game(Madden?)

Forza 5
Quantum Break(People that made Max Payne and Alan Wake)

15 exclusive games for Xbox One
8 of 15 are new IP

New halo tv series along with Steven Spielberg

Partnering with the NFL

Call of duty Ghosts
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Microsoft really needs new exclusive IPs and not just ride the same 3 franchises over and over again (Halo, Gears, and Forza).

Also, Xbox Live needs to step it up and be as good as Steam and PlayStation Plus.

Don't focus too much on Kinect, multiplats and non-gaming features.
I missed most of it. Have they talked about anything game wise or just movies and stuff?

They Showed a grand total of 2 brand new games (Forza 5 and Quantum Break), announced that MS studios will put out 15 games in the first year, 8 which are new IP's, and showed a Call of Duty Ghosts Trailer with a fluf video touting the new engine.


So, Xbox One... How are we going to abbreviate that?

I missed most of it. Have they talked about anything game wise or just movies and stuff?

Very few games: Forza, EA Sports (4 games), Quantum Break (I think this is a new IP), and Call of Duty Ghost.

They did said several times that they will focus more on games in E3 and that within its first year Xbox One will have 15 exclusive titles and that 8 of those will be new IPs.

I'm not digging the design atm. Hopefully, they will change it for the release.

It looks too much like the original PS3 to me... They should have made it a different color at least.

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Just a passing through Toku Fan....
Sorry if the updates are a little slow guys. I'm at my actual job, while trying to continuously update the forum post.

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Well if I have to pay money to play second hand games on this console, then all I can say is this console has killed itself off.

Plus the controller looks rubbish too. It looks like a crappy 3rd party controller. Why didn't they use the 360 controller design. Or better yet, why didn't the 360 use the original XBox Controller S design in the first place? LAME!!

Backwards compatibility would've been cool.. if it had it that is. This could've allowed me to play some of the few good XBox 360 games I missed out on, without buying an XBox 360 console. But then again, backwards compatibility never really was Microsoft's thing, after all the XBox 360 could only play a few select Original XBox games.

As for the games..

Although games are supposed to be the most important part of games consoles, I honestly couldn't give a **** about the games, even if the XBox One had Shenmue 3 as an exclusive or something as awesome as that. If I have to pay a fee to play 2nd hand games (something I can do for free whenever I want on my N64), then I'm not buying an XBox One.

So yeah, the XBox 360 was a total nightmare, the Nintendo Wii wasn't as revolutionary as it was originally hyped to be and got loaded up the ass with shovelware, the PlayStation 3 was boring, and now the Wii-U sucks, XBox One sucks, I haven't got much of an opinion on the PlayStation 4 but I don't have much hope for that either..

Just another example as to how modern gaming is dying.


I don't care about the WiiU, PS4 or Xbox one. I used to be big into the newer consoles, but not so much anymore. There are more games I want to play on SNES, PS1, and PS2 than any of the new consoles. I loved when I got my Xbox 360. I loved playing GTA4, DAO, and Mass Effect. I am hoping GTA5 is on pc. The ME and Dragon Age series are dead to me. DA2 was an insult, and ME3 ruined Mass Effect as a series for me. I am having more fun playing old PC and console games. These new systems seem to be more about getting on Facebook and twitter, watching movies, and other social media stuff. I get consoles for games, and anymore I can play most of the newer games I want to play on PC in a superior format. Skyrim for PC kills the console versions.


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I'm sure the Xbox One is a powerful machine (I have no idea what any of those specs mean) but this has got to be the ugliest fucking console ever. It looks like a giant VCR. I'll wait for a modified slim version to come out (because we all know its coming), i'm not a huge gamer anymore anyways
Not interested in buying both PS4 and Xbox One or even Wii U. I'll go smartphone,laptop or handheld console all the way. Doesn't require internet connection my ass. Talk about false announcement.
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