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Developer Gun Interactive has been working on a video game based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the classic 1974 film that would influence horror forever. It still remains powerful after all this time and is singlehandedly responsible for introducing the chainsaw as a horror trope (although it’s incorrectly associated with Jason usually). One wonders how it would translate to a game, however. The movie’s characters are basically at the mercy of cannibal hillbillies and do very little to fight back.
Gun still isn’t saying how their game works. With Halloween fast approaching, now would be a good time to release a full trailer, but they aren’t ready just yet. What they CAN show off is the theme music they’ve created. It’s titled “The Massacre” and was written by BAFTA-nominated composer Ross Tregenza. Wes Keltner, CEO, Game Design, Audio & Art Director at Gun, also contributed to the piece.
Tregenza says he used a rarely utilized musical instrument called the Apprehension Engine to...

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Hail Mother Russia!
It looks fun but it might end up suffering the same fate with Friday the 13th Game that became stale because Jason is the only killer. Yeah we have 3 killers here but Dead By Daylight have 26 killers. Sally better become a DLC victim.
I am still bitter when Friday the 13th got shut down because of Licensing Hell. Texas Chainsaw massacre might last longer because they are not a-holes when it comes to licensing. I mean Leatherface is still in DBD.

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