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Whether we’ll beat down the COVID-19 virus by this time next year is anybody’s guess, but there’s one deadly enemy we’ll apparently always have around: Michael Myers. He was ready to start his slashing spree anew this Halloween, but the state of theaters in this country right now delayed that visit by an entire year, so…he and his machete have gotta wait. (He’ll be fine…he’s got a mask on.)
Our first look at Halloween Kills was actually shared last July: the opening sequence that starts from where the 2018 Halloween left off. In that scene, Mike is trapped in a burning building, and Laurie Strode and her family have successfully escaped…but of course it’s NOT the end; firefighters rush down the street to his rescue. “NO,” Laurie screams, “YOU CAN LET THIS ONE BURN — REALLY, THIS IS THE ONE EXCEPTION!” They don’t listen.
So now that Myers has a second chance, here’s what he’s up to. If these clips look ready to go...
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