New Line Moves Forward With Conjuring 3

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I could go for another Conjuring movie. I really liked the other ones. I also seen Annabelle and am looking forward to the new one coming out soon. I am a fan of Lorraine Warren and the work that she and her husband have spent their lives doing.

I look forward to seeing what direction they take the movie if it is not going to be a haunted house .


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Sounds interesting, though I really never saw any of the conjuring movies. I should really go and check out the series, might be best if I plan on seeing this movie in the near future. Sounds like it could be a real thrill to watch.


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I have seen The Conjuring, but it isn't as scary and as good as Insidious. I won't mind seeing the film just to see if I would like it or not, but I'm not really that keen.


I have heard about this horror franchise. However, I am yet to watch any Conjuring movies. I have checked out promos and they look fearfully attractive. I enjoy horror movies, some of my best movies are actually horror movies (The Omen, The Exorcist etc.) I have not watched Conjuring does not mean I don't have interest. I just don't have time to watch a movie these days

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