New Information On Power Rangers Jungle Fury's Production

On Lisa J's No Pink Spandex podcast, there is an interview with Dan Ewing (RPM's Dillon), and during the interview, he mentioned that he knows and is very good friends with Jason Smith and Anna Hutchison (Jungle Fury's Casey and Lily).

A little tidbit that I was not aware of is that the writer's strike fucked up Jungle Fury's production more than I think any of us realized. It seems that during the scab episodes written during the strike, they would get some of the scripts on the day those episodes were to start filming.


Bandito Shake Cometh
I did find that interesting. I mean, most of the cast are really successful actors, I never understood why they usually turned in... not so good performances sometimes. I wish Jungle Fury held together better than it did, there were alot of cool ideas floating around.


There were cool ideas, but they were all surrounded by crap. The plug needed to be pulled because even with something as interesting in theory like Jungle Furries just couldn't get anywhere.

There needs to be a reboot and someone willing to invest and make the show hot. Even successful actors and talent like original PR writers couldn't save the show.

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