As part of the Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary celebration earlier this year, a re-imagining/reboot of the beloved Showa Era Rider, Kamen Rider Black, was announced. Written by Izumi Takahashi (Tokyo Revengers) and Directed by Kazuya Shiraishi (The Blood of Wolves, Kyoaku), Kamen Rider Black Sun is currently set to debut in Spring of 2022. At an event held by Tamashi Nations, new details and photos have been shared, as well as cast announcement for our protagonist and antagonist.
Kamen Rider Black Sun stars veteran actor Hidetoshi Nishijima as Kohtaro Minami, the man who becomes Kamen Rider Black Sun. Tomoya Nakamura plays Nokuhiko Akizuki, Kamen Rider Shadow Moon. Notably, Shadow Moon has never previously been given the title Kamen Rider.
Along with these initial cast announcements, the first images of Kamen Rider Black Sun and his Rider Machine, Battle Hopper, were shared...
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