New Den-O movie


Well I just got back from watching the new Den-O movie. Let me tell you, it was pretty much non-stop action. There is one place where it slowed down for about 5 mins, but it picked right back up. I would give it a 9 out of 10.


tsukasa was possesed by momotaros right?

yes. also G3 by Urataros, Caucasus by Kintaros, Ohja by Ryutaros, New Den-O by Deneb. Also Garulu human form by Urataros, Dogga human form by Kintaros and Bassha human form by Ryutaros in 1502.
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Decade gets much more screen time during the big final fight. Kiva was a very late addition to Climax Deka, whereas this movie is built around the continuity with the Den-O World episodes of Decade, and Final Countdown. There's things that went unexplained in the TV episodes which are covered here, and vice-versa.

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Decade ep #14 has gotten me pumped big time for this movie.

Then again I still wanna see CHOU DEN-O and badass suit actor Kazutoshi Yokoyama return as YUKI.