New Court Case Opens The Door For Lawsuits Over "Deceptive Trailers"

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if that is the case we will be stock with those movie trailers that spoils everything and have anazing trailers like Barbie recently had.


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The only distinction will be that a disclaimer stating "The final film may not include all scenes shown" will be added to the front of all future trailers. This, I believe, is standard practice for video game trailers until their launch trailers, which are typically made with the game's gold (finished release) version. I can see movie studios doing the same thing by simply including a disclaimer at the beginning of their trailers, which would solve all of those issues.

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All this lawsuit because some fans are simping on an actress. They need to get a life. That movie had been years ago and Ana De Armas is getting lead roles now

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Following the creation of the trailers, the final cut of the film is created. What is the production company supposed to do, send someone into the editing suite with the editor (or editors) and tell them that certain scenes cannot be removed because they were used in a trailer several months ago? This situation could have been avoided only in one of two ways: either a trailer was given the ability to influence the final cut, or trailers were not used at all. which is undeniably important to consider.
Several trailers are built before the final cut of the film is completed. This law would require the inclusion of all scenes shown in the film's previews in the final cut.


On the other hand, I enjoy deceptive trailers because they keep us from seeing crucial plot details. When a movie's trailer shows too much of the actual film, I'm less likely to watch it.


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As a result, movie studios will be compelled to release movie trailers ahead of the times the films will be released in theaters. This is to ensure that no changes are made to the film after the trailer is released. The person who filed the lawsuit against Ana De Armas had to be her biggest simp and Ana De Armas stan.


Studios have been adding extra scenes to trailers for years, even when those scenes do not appear in the final product. This is considered misleading advertising. I'm curious about the long-term consequences of this decision. The only explanation for why they've been doing it for so long is that no one has ever confronted them about it in court. The time has long passed for multibillion-dollar corporations to start delivering the content they have promised.
I am an Ana de Armas fan but I don't think I will cross a line like that. Filing a lawsuit because her scenes got deleted in a movie?
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This better cover videogames because herowars have so many deceptive ads and the ones they show in ads are not in the actual games.

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