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Dreek Lass

There have been an absolute multitude of consoles released over the last ten years and even a lot longer before that too. Sometimes I think that they make one console with the update in mind, so that they can release it right after the first one was released and swindle more money out of us lol. But we buy them anyway.

I had a lot of fun with many game consoles when I was younger; Saga, Dreamcast, PS2, Gameboy, and that is just to name a few. Now we have the Wii and all those, and the Nintendo DS, and although they all have better graphics and features that the old consoles didn't have, I find myself missing the older consoles sometimes, or feeling like the older ones were better. I get nostalgic and pull out some of my old consoles, and I have as much fun playing them as I do playing the new ones- if not more.

Does this ever happen to you?
One of the reasons I bought a PSP was so I could play Tactics Ogre and FF Tactics War of the Lions, both remakes of older games. Also, being able to play PS1 games on the go is damn cool. I've played most of the RPGs that the PSN has, and I'm currently playing Breath of Fire IV.


To be honest I don't miss anything from the old consoles, one of the things I've always hated since the PS1 was the lack of some way to turn the console off without having to get myself out of the bed lol, I hated this so much, when finally they've made this available in the PS3 I was stunned, since I pretty much asked for it since the first console I've ever touched, apart from the graphics and stuff, I find myself searching for old games on the PSN store now because they seem much funnier now, I think game developers need to continue with the remastered versions of the old games, they're all so badass!


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I don't miss the old consoles either :) I'm very happy with what I have now.... a PS3, but I'm thinking of upgrading to a PS4! I still have my N64 tho, so yeah... I guess I'm a very nostalgic person :) I use my PC as my main console tho, so I don't get to think about older consoles very often. My PS3 and PC are good enough for me, at least for now ;)


I like both of them, it's not a really good comparison because they are just too different. You can also like new and old cars too without preferring any totally.


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I like playing both! I love the nostalgia of playing old consoles as well. At the same time, in a way, it just comes down to game choices for me. Although, I love playing Pokemon games and would prefer them on their older consoles. It's quite pleasurable to reminisce. I suppose that's what makes playing them on the older consoles more pleasurable. At the same tome, though, the graphics on the newer console games are amazing! So I suppose older and newer consoles are both a win-win!
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If we're talking about raw power here, then definitely new consoles would trump the old consoles. But when it comes to the effect on gaming, I think that the older consoles win by a mile. I still go back to play a lot of old games on the PS1 (using an emulator) and on the PS2 (my old console is still working).

I also get nostalgic when playing old games. Brings back a lot of good childhood memories. A lot of great games are stored in the libraries of these old consoles - games like MGS, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Shadow of the Colossus, and many others. These old consoles will never ever go away. They're part of history. They're here to stay.
I grew up with the (S)NES, and Sony's PS1, and am thus quite familiar and comfortable with their level of graphics and sound and their style of gameplay--like a comfortable, well worn shoe! Even to this day, I tend to nostalgically revisit the games of that generation of consoles more often than I try contemporary games!

At times the Atari, etc generations of games that preceded Nintendo can look and sound rather crude to my eyes--at least at first! Conversely, the graphics of more recent console generations have become so advanced that--beyond moving into true 3D, virtual reality, etc--further improvements in graphics would seem to me to be inevitably marginal vis-à-vis the law of diminishing returns! E.g. I was fully satisfied with the graphics of the first Arkham game on the PS2!

Moreover, I will absolutely give earlier generations at least one major plus over modern consoles, beyond mere nostalgia: robustness! With proper maintenance, a NES or an Atari 2600 will still play as it did decades ago! Conversely, the modern consoles' hardware hasn't kept up with its software and the resulting shelf-life is greatly diminished! To the point that Microsoft's XBOX even included the infamous red-ring-of-death warning indicator to indicate when it's keeled over after as little as a few months of play! That's quite the contrast!


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If there was anything to ever be missed on old consoles it's the good quality of games. Most of the games that comes out on the latest consoles are just plain money making games like the repetitive shooters that have nothing new to offer to gamers. I honestly can never let go of the Playstation 2, I think it had a lot of great games and that no other console has yet to compete with that. Well maybe things will change on the new consoles. Hopefully. I just hope that developers learn that graphics isn't everything.
Unimaginative, poor quality, cheap cash grab "shovelware" games have always plagued the video game market and I'm not entirely sure that the this aspect of the industry has gotten worse in the modern era than in it had been in our nostalgic past.

I actually even suspect that the shovelware problem may have been considerably worse in decades past!

In particular, the great video game crash of the 1980's was largely precipitated by a market absolutely flooded with such poorly made games (the Atari 2600's Pac-Man and E.T. are typically singled out, but they were by no means alone).

When the industry finally recovered a few years later, Nintendo slapped Seals of Quality onto the NES' games largely to assure customers that they were indeed a video game company that actually cared about the quality of the games released on its consoles. However, even then there were frankly a great many games released on Nintendo's consoles that most definitely did not deserve a seal of quality of any kind!

Regardless, I will certainly and absolutely agree that the market of today includes too many games that are largely unremarkable, indistinguishable clones of more popular games: especially Gears of War style shooters.


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When I was younger my father had an Atari he kept, along with a Dreamcast. I myself was born in the Game boy Advance Era of gaming consoles, however before he actually would buy me one (Game boy Advance that is) he had me play the Atari and Dreamcast which honestly I had no problem with. Although the older systems were good at the time once I was introduced to newer forms of gaming I kind of left the older versions alone. I personally like how you can tell how as time progressed so did our technology to create such amazingly vivid pictures for the games played now. That's not to say that the older consoles don't hold some form of sentiment to me seeing how those were the first ones I played. However I find myself unable to actually play on an older console game for too long knowing that technologically speaking we have so many newer consoles and games open to us.


For a while, the sidescroller genre of gaming was dead. Then Little Big Planet and Scribblenauts revived it, so maybe it's just a matter of trusting that in this industry at least it's largely "for gamers, by gamers" and somebody will catch on to what will sell because it's what gamers love and miss.

If it's the lack of eyeache and battery life we miss, then maybe there could be an e-ink option for some hand-held consoles or something.

Otherwise, I generally like the new consoles, and especially like how some old games are being updated for new consoles (the Persona series for the PSP, for example, which I completely missed out on for the PS1.)