New 3DS, But Only If You Are The Chosen One

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New 3DS, But Only If You Are The Chosen One

There's the way other video game companies release collectibles, and then there's the way Nintendo does them. In Europe, the UK branch of Club Nintendo will be offering a limited-edition, ultra-rare New 3DS to those it deems worthy. They don't mean those who respond to the offer the quickest, or even anything at random. They mean they're going to hand-select a bunch of their regular customers and present them this 3DS.

And yes, by New 3DS, they mean the latest model with the self-correcting 3D...
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That new DS looks so sweet! I would just love to be one of the lucky ones. That's
not going to happen, but it surely would be so awesome. I am going to check out
more info on it- backwards compatibility, announced new features, new games,
even the battery life. The self-correcting 3-D sounds like it could be really cool or
or really annoying.

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