Ian Burton

Awkward Correspondent
Netflix Resident Evil series won’t be a faithful adaptation of the classic video game. It is just a cash grab that uses the Resident Evil title to promote a CW Berlanti reject. Just Like the Paul Anderson Resident evil movies that used the title of the Games so they could market an unrelated action film with zombies, This show doesn’t have the characters from the Game. Well, they have an African American version of Albert Wesker.
If they want to create a Resident Evil show with an African American actress lead, Why not a canonical Resident Evil spin-off starring Sheva Alomar? A canonical series set in Resident Evil Universe would have been better. Sheva hasn’t appeared in a Resident Evil Game since Resident Evil 5.
I don’t think the people behind this show are fans of the Resident Evil video games. Who are these characters? It feels like making a movie titled “Scooby-Doo,” but with new characters, no single Scooby-Doo...

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A Malaysian Deviant
Yeah, A show starring Sheva and Carlos would have been better. Many Resident evil characters got sidelined, and a canon show would have been great.
My expectations are low, but I never expected this show to look this bad. The cringe is the best word to describe it. I remember Paul Anderson said he never adapted Resident Evil materials on his "adaptations" because fans of the games knew who would survive in the end. A canonical series set in the Game's universe would have been the best option, but all he did is his Mary Sue fantasies that his wife is this super badass superhero that does Kung Fu to zombies.


This is set in the present day and future BTW. So if Jill, Claire, Chris and Leon exists in this world they are either old or dead.


Ada Finally Waited!
Directors, writers and show runners for a Resident evil adaptation should be a Resident Evil fan. Marvel Cinematic Universe works because it is made by people who reads Marvel growing up. This series is just another cash grab with no respect to the source material.