Netflix Resident Evil got canceled after one season only. The show mainly garnered adverse reactions from both fans and critics alike.
Resident Evil fans can catch a break. All they wanted was an adaptation that respects the source material, but Constantine films, the company with the franchise’s movie rights, uses their liberties way too much.
It got a 55% score from the critics and a 27% score from the fans at Rotten Tomatoes.
The Resident Evil games change genre as it evolves, but it’s always between Survival horror or Action Horror. The show we have is like a CW young adult drama with unlikable characters. I think they want Jade to be a flawed character, but they gave her no shade of likability. The Resident Evil games have many strong female characters, so the franchise fans are not close-minded to female leads. Jade and Billie are not likable at all. They caused the T-virus outbreak because they are vegans who...

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Fans has always been vocal against Racebending of all kind, from white washing to "forced diversity" Rather than turning Wesker Black they could have utilized the POCs of the Resident evil Universe. If they want the lead characters to be POC, They could have made canonical adventures of Sheva Alomar, Josh Stone and Ada Wong. Fans would have loved a shared Universe story if they can't have a faithful adaptation. Stop giving this franchise to producers and directors who are not fans of the source material.


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There was a proof of concept pilot of a Resident Evil series titled Arklay, it was a prequel of the Mansion incident and it has potential but it got canceled and rejected in favor of what we end up having. It got leaked 4 years ago.



Netflix managed to spend a lot of cash on high-quality creature visual effects for a program that utterly failed at lore and script. The beloved elements of Resident Evil have been entirely destroyed by Netflix, who also included political preaching, changed Wesker into a loving father—something that would never occur—and prioritized the soap opera theme by turning the protagonist into a total imbecile.
I believe Netflix assumed the idea of two sisters drifting apart would be a lightning that would strike twice. They believed it would work on this one because it worked with Arcane. Arcane exemplifies how to create a woke show that respects the original material. Instead of creating fan fiction Marysues, they used characters from the League of Legends mythos respectfully.


I really wanted to like this and tried my hardest to, but I just couldn't. I lost interest by episode 3. The acting was terrible, and it got too much when both girls—who figuratively had everything—kept complaining about being victims. No one any longer watches shows with a slow pace. This series had such potential to be great, thus it was rather disappointing.


I know some of you guys dont like the fact they cast a black guy to play Albert Wesker but Lance Riddick is a great actor.


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I actually believe this would have been a great show if its title is not Resident Evil. If this was an original series that doesn't use a title with a large fanbase who are bitter from bad adaptations, This show would have been successful. Lance Riddick should have been playing the 3rd Wesker child to survive after Albert and Alex. That would have changed the reception of the audience.


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Do not hate me please but I love this show and I was looking forward for Season 2. Netflix broke my heart twice. First Cowboy Bebop and now this. I do not want this show to fail because those Right-wingers will call this a victory.


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The people who handled the Witcher should have been the ones who got Resident Evil. Resident Evil is so easy to adapt but it always fall on the wrong hands. I bet the people behind this show never played the game. They just read Wikia articles and runaway with it. The fact that the Zombie outbreak is caused by a Vegan who is against animal testing is already problematic.


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Constantine Pictures are so out of touch. They need to add real Resident Evil fans on their writing team.
Sad this got canceled. I love this show, Jade is stunning and Brave and I sympathize with her when her relationship with her sister Billie got shattered. I became a Dua Lipa fan when Evelyn sang Don't Start now. Netflix needs to chill down when it comes to show canceling. I wanna see more of Jade and its a shame I won't be seeing her anymore.


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What a rarity! Announcement of a show cancellation that makes happy! I wish I win the European Lottery because their jackpots can reach Billion Euros. If I won, I will buy the Resident evil film rights from Constantine films and Capcom and hire the people behind Street Fighter Legends to make it. I will show them how to do a Resident Evil adaptation right.


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I found the show unwatchable too but my friend who doesn't play videogames loved this series. That's the market Netflix tried to reach with this show.


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If a Netflix show have an over 100 Million dollars budget, do not expect it to get renewed if it didn't get the Stranger Things/Squid game reaction.


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Why Netflix wasted funds in project like this that obviously won't sell. It made Resident Evil Gun Survivor look like a good game. It made those Paul Anderson movies look like a masterpiece.


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I believe that only a direct adaptation from Capcom themselves will be able to do Resident Evil justice. The original RE film series was only made so the filmmaker could cast his wife as the lead, the reboot attempted to be a female empowerment film at the expense of making Chris and Leon stupid, and now there is this Netflix series. For RE to receive the respect it merits, someone who genuinely KNOWS the series is required. Capcom also permitted Hollywood to sabotage Street Fighter II.


After watching this scene in S1E7, I know why it is horror. But horror in wrong sense! From killing machines women they made singer. Yes, Milla Jovovich singes while she was surronded by zombies.


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If I will be given the power of making a Resident Evil tv series.

I will adapt Resident Evil zero and 1 as the first Season, Then I will have a side story of Spencer's adventure to Mother Miranda's village.

I will adapt Resident evil 2, 3 and Outbreak as Season 2 because all of them happened in Raccoon City.

I will adapt Code Veronica, and End of Umbrella as Season 3.

I will adapt Resident evil 4 and Operation Javier as Season 4.

Season 5 Will be Revelations 1 and Resident Evil 5.

By Season 6, I will go for a different direction because Resident evil 6 sucks.


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The moment I finished episode 3, I already knew it will get canceled. It is so slowpaced and the main characters are not engaging.Jade Wesker somehow made Rachel from Glee likable. That is how bad of a character she is. I want to see strong women leads on TV but these writers thinks being a **** is what a strong female lead is.