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Netflix Resident Evil released its first trailer and its harvesting Dislikes. I can see Dislikes because of an Extension that makes them visible. The movie Adaptations of Resident Evil, had always upset fans of the franchise. However it gain fans from casuals who don’t play the games.
The First Movie had characters who are not in the Games, then the movies that follows turned the original characters into weak sidekicks for Alice. Welcome to Raccoon City is not good neither because it changed a lot of things beyond recognition. This new Netflix Original just made a New Series  titled Resident Evil without Resident Evil characters on it aside from a race bended Albert Wesker.
Netflix Resident Evil Trailer

All the Fans wanted is a proper...

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Ada Finally Waited!
RIP Resident Evil Fans, Sonic Fans are Lucky that the movie makers respected the fans. People who always get adaptation rights of Resident Evil movies, keep making these stories that has nothing to do with the games with the Resident Evil title on it. It is like watching a movie titled Batman but Bruce Wayne is not on it but a bunch of new characters fans don't care about.