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Netflix Renewal Announcements had given subscribers relief from the Anxiety of cancellation. The Producers of Babysitters Club said their ratings are decent. It is even higher than some of the top shows of HBO Max and Amazon Prime. However, the high expectations of Netflix are a demanding standard to reach. Along with the scandals of Transphobic Stand up comedians, the Password Sharing crackdown controversy, and many more. The cancellation of beloved shows had dropped the subscription rate of Netflix. With All the competition available, Why stay on a service that cancels your reason to subscribe.
Netflix gave us a break from Bad news announcements because we got reports for new seasons and Netflix Renewals this Geek week!
Warrior Nun Season 2 trailer!

Based on a Graphic Novel, Warrior Nun is about a rebellious woman you will consider a sinner. She got chosen by God to become the...

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Warrior Nun, All of Us are Dead and Sweet Tooth all deserves their renewal. Meanwhile trash like Emily in Paris got renewed up to Season 4 despite being the worst show in existence. Winx Saga getting renewed despite the negative backlash is weird.


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All of Us are Dead is the best Zombie media I watched in years. People who skipped on it are missing out.

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Only "All of Us are Dead" catches my attention. I'm hoping it lives up to the first. After the initial effect of introducing the illness in the first season, zombie series tend to struggle. But I'm hoping for another fantastic season!
The show is a fantastic play, full of despair, rage, hopelessness, insane action, and a dash of humor. This news excites me greatly. Every character, including Gwi Nam, is charming. Mi-Jin is my favorite character. I am her biggest fan.

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