Netflix Releases The Witcher: Blood Origin Teaser Trailer

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It’ll still be a while before the next chapter of The Witcher appears on Netflix — and just so we’re clear, Henry Cavill WILL be in that season; it’s already been filmed. It’s the FOURTH season in which he’ll be abruptly replaced. We’ll see how things go from there.
But there’s a Witcher of a different flavor coming before anything else: a four-part miniseries set 1,200 years BG (Before Geralt). The Witcher: Blood Origin will reveal how the Witcher bloodline got started. Here’s a hint: it had something to do with Michelle Yeoh.

Yeoh plays a sword-elf named Scian who is searching for a stolen magical blade. When you’re a sword-elf, swords are kind of your whole thing. On her quest she’ll cross paths with monsters, mortals and other, less friendly elven folk. Evidently something happens that necessitates the creation of a special new race dedicated to defending the land from monsters.
The Witcher: Blood Origin stars Sophia Brown (The Capture) , Laurence O’Fuarain (Into the...

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I am confused, Michelle Yeoh is Malaysian, Why is she playing an Scandinavian character?


For diversity, off course.

It's safe to assume that many fans will stop investing their time in the franchise now that Henry Cavill is no longer front and center. When I first heard that Netflix was developing a series based on The Witcher, I was ecstatic. Fast forward three or four years, and I'm still excited. I think it's brilliant that they're filming a prequel before the original season has even wrapped up. What, exactly, have they done to The Witcher's world? Henry Cavill has decided to leave "The Witcher" due to his dissatisfaction with the show's direction. Cavill has long been an avid player of the game and reader of the accompanying literature. As unfortunate as it may be, Hollywood and many other media outlets have absolutely messed this up.


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Fantastic series, but I don't see why you'd commission writers who are hellbent on wrecking it. What I can deduce from this is that they set out to completely rewrite the project from the start. I really hope they didn't just write sloppily and form a ring of power just to say they've imposed diversity. Instead of taking a risk by adapting a popular book, they've opted to develop a prequel. I'm just crossing my fingers that the writing's good on the other side. It started off strong, but the later seasons of Rings of Power fell flat because the creators couldn't decide what to cut. My only hope is that the writing is actually good. The only people who wouldn't enjoy the show would be the ones who decided against it before it even started.
Despite the fact that Henry Cavill will be replaced by Miley Cyrus's ex-husband, about whom she penned the song "Wrecking Ball," Netflix and the crew responsible for writing, directing, and producing the show have a tremendous ability for caring about their work. In cases where you wouldn't normally do so, why do you feel the need to base your work on that of another?

The cast switch for Geralt effectively ended any interest in the show after season two. This show would be nothing without Henry. In season two, the show really went off the rails. These episodes would not be worth seeing if Henry weren't in it. In other words, the entire series would be pointless if not for Henry. It's safe to say that the premise of this series would not exist if not for Henry. I will not be applauding for this cause.

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Although I do not have particularly high hopes for this series, I will keep watching it because Michelle Yeoh is a part of it. And I really hope the whole show is a pleasant surprise. The departure of Henry Cavill from the main series could elevate the significance of this spinoff. As long as Michelle Yeoh is in it, I will give it a try. Sorry, but that's all I can say on the matter.

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Realizing that Henry Cavill will not be playing Geralt in the main series dampens enthusiasm for any Witcher adaptation. My faith in any future projects supposedly "based on The Witcher" has been completely shattered by the news that Henry Cavill is departing and that the writers despise the source material.
Tempted, but the departure of Cavil, killed most of the hype I had for this universe, so I'm not holding my breath. It looks like a lot more money was spent on the shooting and visuals in this one, which is good because it looks so different from the last one. As a result, it's likely that I'll say no. Get rid of the writers and the showrunner, bring back Cavill, and give him full creative control over the show's future episodes. Given his professionalism and commitment to the project, it's easy to see how terribly Netflix managed this series.


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Until they get their act together and recast Henry Cavill as the Witcher, I have no intention of watching any of the Witcher series, or any other stuff on Netflix for that matter. It's high time they woke up and began firing the writers and producers who dishonor the books, content, and actors who work hard to do justice to their roles and offer insightful commentary. The show's "writers" and "producers" should be fired instead of the actors' involvement being limited.


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As far as I can tell, there is no connection between this and any of the books in The Witcher series. Some moronic screenwriter came up with this horrible fantasy. How about we call it an original fantasy type show without bringing down an established series just because the writers can't do anything on their own? Can you tell whether any of them actually reads the books? Are you sure that's the Witcher? As expected, the original source held zero appeal for these egotistical writers.


I didn't like the trailer so I may not be looking forward to this movie but if I see a good review and rating then I may still give it a go.

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