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Godzilla vs. King kong lost its chances to be a box office giant because of Covid 19. Dreams of this film having worldwide cinematic glory is all gone. This crossover Kaiju film is actually a remake of a 1962 Japanese movie King Kong vs Godzilla. That Kaiju battle is a classic but seeing it in modern special effects would be an interesting spectacle.
Kaiju fans have waited for this movie since 2016, but on the other hand, things happened differently. Previously, It was May 21, 2021, was the original intended release date. It didn’t happen in our timeline, unfortunately. Godzilla is Legendary Film’s most enormous IP as it earned over $529 Million. That was in one movie alone. Now Covid 19 had held the economy of movie theaters hostage. So going for a theatrical release is a huge gamble. No trailer had been released about this movie by far. Legendary wanted to hold into it for now while they are still trying to make a decision.
Legendary films owned majority of shares on this film...
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