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Netflix is now celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Suppose that person is already a young adult experiencing Quarter life crisis. That person feels old because they only have five years left in their twenties. Today is Netflix’s 25th Anniversary. It is hard to believe, but this company has been around for that long. Back in 1997, The most powerful company that gave people the home video experience was Blockbuster. It is a rental store where people rent VHS tapes, DVDs, and Blurays. In the 90s, almost every street in America had a Blockbuster branch.
Netflix was this small start-up that let people rent DVDs online and receive and return them via mail. Can you imagine receiving envelopes of DVDs you rented online from Netflix and then you will ship them back to them within a time limit?
The Whole Story about pre-streaming Netflix is...

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Knowing Netflix has been around for 25 years serves as a powerful reminder of how quickly time flies. Despite my current conflicted emotions toward Netflix, I am nonetheless appreciative of their offerings. We appreciate you providing us with such great content. Please don't cancel them anymore. No more canceling!


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RIP to all the TV series that Netflix launched before mercilessly ending. Stop canceling performances immediately.


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I can still remember Netflix as DVDs coming in the mail. My parents and I watched the entire Mad Men and Cheers series in this manner. Excellent moments and memories. I miss them so much but we drifted away.


I never would have imagined that Netflix would develop into the streaming giant that it has. I recall signing up in 2003 for the 3 DVDs plan before upgrading to 5 DVDs so I could rent out television series more effectively. I recall the days when selection and streaming were at best afterthoughts. After 5-8 years, it becomes the major topic; after 10 years, it becomes standard.


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Since mailing out DVDs, Netflix has advanced significantly. Tron was the first movie on Netflix that I ever attempted to stream. They had to ship me a DVD copy because it wasn't at that time streaming-compatible. But all of that is now in the past. I can watch my favorite movies and TV series instantly streaming from any location at any time.
The idea of mailing back DVDS and waiting for DVD to arrive makes me nauseous. I am so happy that DVD and VHS are obsolete by the time I became a human.


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How about Netflix add some kind of tip jar option so cancel shows can be saved. Fans can donate money to fund a series finale or something.


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Happy Anniversary to Netflix. Such a cool backstory as to where they are coming from. Twenty-five years and they are still in the game.


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Blockbuster would have been still alive today as a company if they accepted the proposal of Netflix. Facebook know Instagram is a threat so they purchased it before it can do damage.
I believe I once bought a personal computer with a DVD burner. I rented a lot of DVDs from Netflix at the time and made my own copies, so I had a sizable collection.


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I miss the times when Netflix have no competition because the library is much much bigger.