Neal McDonough Talks Acting, Cinematic Heroes, & His New Film


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Neal McDonough has the sort of resume that most actors would kill for. Working nonstop since the early 90s, he has had memorable roles in more noteworthy projects than can be easily listed. McDonough has been prominently featured in BAND OF BROTHERS, JUSTIFIED, MINORITY REPORT, RAVENOUS, ARROW, and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER for example. And that impressive list barely scratches the surface of the truly staggering amount of quality work McDonough has turned in for movies, television, and even video games over his 30+ years of acting.
His latest film, BOON, is clearly a special passion project for him though. A standalone sequel to 2021’s RED STONE, BOON stars McDonough as a former mob enforcer, Nick Boon, who is on the run from the law (and his previous employers). Having settled in a remote part of the Pacific Northwest, Boon is looking to live a quiet life and hopefully atone for his past misdeeds. He soon discovers though that his nearby neighbors, a struggling single...

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He is a very talented actor but he needs to be picky on projects to accept. I mean why did he accept projects like Legend of Chun-li and Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon city. He was also typecast as Supervillain for tv.


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He got typecast to villain roles because he have those piercing eyes that screams evil. I am sure he is a good guy in real life but he have the face of a villain.


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This story line sounds similar to a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie I watched years ago. Except that Van Damme's character was not a gangster with a past. It sort of makes you wonder: Can gangster's really ever escape their past? Probably not. But every once in a while I guess they can use their “skills” to do something good.