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Y'know what? Despite my annoyance for the nonsensical NaruHina bandwagon (it's like this series' Olicity), that was actually a sweet ending for everyone. I guess it's partly because their kid became a homage to Neji.
My mistake: Darui did become 5th Raikage meaning Gaara's the only veteran Kage despite the same age as Naruto. Also, Onooki's granddaughter became the Fourth Tsuchikage.


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Thank god for this ending. It's a combination of different theories minus anyone dying.

I'm glad Samui and her brother were freed. Wanna bet Samui is with Darui

Poor Shino...readers still don't recognize him

Karui and Choji...wow just wow

Sai and Ino...I know Sai did the reverse psychology thing but wow

Shikadai...Shikaku's look + Shikiamaru's attitude

Who is Kiba with? Also, he becomes the Naruto version of Yamcha

Anko...too much dango I see

Tenten...caretaker of all forbidden weapons. Also, get the impression Tenten is Rock's wife?

Konohamaru is the new Ebisu and good ol Iruka

I'm surprised they didn't reveal the name of Asuma and Kurenai's daughter

Gai pays the price for the Gate of Death probably still the Green Beast in a wheel chair

Idiot...Dork...Pervert...Geezer...Old Hag...Moron...the Hokages in a nutshell

Terumi is out of luck with men

Onoki is still old LOL

Omoi and Akatsuchi got promotions

Glad to see Chojiro being the first mist swordsman kage after opinions made by Zabuza and Kisame. I hope he restored the honor to the swordsmen of the mist. I can see what Terumi saw in him. But I wonder who his bodyguard was

Lets do some associations

Bolt/Baruto = Shadow Clone Byakugan
Himawatari = Rasen Byakugan
Shikadai = Wind Shadow
Chocho = The fat sword...and proud of it
Inojin = Mind Control Artist...yet shy
Salad/Sarada = Brute Force Sharingan

And if Bolt/Baruto and Salad/Sarada get together, it will be the second coming of the rinnegan.

Also the new Dancing Leaf Village is giving me a Legend of Korra vibe
Thank god for this ending. It's a combination of different theories minus anyone dying.
Except Neji, Shikaku, Ino's father, Choji's father and the rest of Madara's victims. Other than wtf happened to Team Taka minus Sasuke, the Village Elders, the daimyo and Ebisu, everything's fine.


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Except Neji, Shikaku, Ino's father, Choji's father and the rest of Madara's victims. Other than wtf happened to Team Taka minus Sasuke, the Village Elders, the daimyo and Ebisu, everything's fine.

Well...if Iruka is still there and Konohamaru is acting like Ebisu...maybe he's still alive

When Sarada/Salada got angry at her dad, I'm sure that's the presence that Sasuke was feeling. Go back to your daughter idiot.

Suigetsu, I can see him reestablishing the Swordsman of the Mist...especially the new Mizukage is one himself.

If Onoki is still alive, you never know about the elders.:laugh:

Kabuto, I can see him being a priest at an orphanage.:sweat:

Orochimaru, I'm sure he'll still be experimenting, but easing back a bit. Non human experimentation anyway. After all, Sasuke is his greatest achievement. I'm sure Jugo and Karin will be with him. In fact, I can see Sound Village being a legitimate village now.

*pulls out sound village headband*

What can I say, I have a thing for musical notes.

PS: The Dancing Leaf Village is the Naruto Version of Republic City

And the advancement of Hashirama Cells is the new prosthesis.
The heck?
Naruto Gaiden takes place after the epilogue of the entire Naruto franchise. First of,
[hide]Kishimoto gets at least the father-son relationship right and the bad side goes to Salad (Sarada). For her, I bet she knows why her father left the village. Is it because of Karin or Sasuke intending to unite his old team Taka back?[/hide]
Looks like we have a prelude to Boruto: The Movie. I bet that Mitsuki's another Orochimaru experimental product.
[hide]Looks like Sasuke never abandons his family after all. Perhaps he's the only one who would end another curse since he's on a secret mission. If Shin's father is neither Danzo nor Shisui, is it possible we have another Uchiha member to revive Akatsuki?[/hide]
[hide]Shin's father is also named Shin. So, he kidnapped Sakura and forced her to transfer his son's organs to revitalize?[/hide]


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Watched the stage play 'Live Spectacle Naruto'(eng/chi subs) at resort worlds sentosa in Singapore last week. It was really great although the storyline had to be severely cut at some points. The actors were awesome as the characters. There were some creative interpretations like the kage bunshin, the tree-walking exercise, etc.
I really enjoyed it.

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I like that they're expanding on Guy vs. Madara from the manga. Making the battle longer and going into more depth into Guy's origin story. This is Might Guy's final battle in the entire series where the torch is passed on to Rock Lee once and for all, so I'm glad that it's being developed in the anime as a major event. Guy is such a great character and so much more interesting and likable than Obito Uchiha who has been hogging so many flashbacks for the past two years.

The new ending is great too. Glad we're not getting yet another interpretation of the Naruto/Sasuke rivalry. I get that it's one of the major storylines of the series but after awhile all the Naruto vs. Sasuke endings just blend together. This one showing the history of the ramen shop from the shop owner's POV was lovely. It recapped all the wonderful character moments that happened in the ramen shop plus even showed why Naruto loves ramen show much. The final scene with Naruto having ramen with all of the Kage was nice little tease of his future position. Appropriate since next month's movie is the first animated story that takes place during the time period that Naruto is the 7th Hokage.

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