Name Changes...Two Dollah [SEE FIRST POST]'

Keith Justice

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Yup.. you can now have as many as you want... but it will cost you. I was going to tell you this next week, but I've gotten two requests in one week.

I want your names to carry weight. That when someone sees your name they know who's talking.

Sometimes you really do pick the wrong name to kick things off and sometimes old names just don't apply to you anymore. So yeah.. it's now open, but.... there is a cost.

With this I'll be better able to afford some upgrades that come with a pricetag.

Bring 'em on then and send paypal payments to....

Name changes are $2.00 USD.

If you're unsure of what your desired name change is going to cost you, just post a request for it here first and we'll let you know.
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Keith Justice

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Be sure to add your current name and new name in the body of the message.

Let the board know your new name here unless you really need to keep it confidential for some reason.


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What sort of upgrades? I mean, what would the cost specifically supporting?

And isn't five dollars a little steep for a changing a user name? I've been thinking of requesting a name change (to my real name) but it's not worth spending five dollars on.

Keith Justice

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For me to know! Well, there was this one Market Place app that would allow members to sell stuff right to each other that be pretty fricken cool and post up stuff you're looking for.

Also it's kiiiinda steep, but not that. I wanted to make it low enough that no banks would need to be broken to do it, but high enough to keep people from doing it on a whim ever month.

NAND NOR....... I like that name. But yeah... if you want your real name and just feel better about it.......


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I don't think it's steep at all, and I agree with it.

I for one don't want to see everyone on this board changing their names every month to suit this years toku fancy. I HATE that.

So $5 is enough to make you go, " I really need it that badly?"


Nice post!!
I've seen like three different forums ruined by people changing their names on a weekly or monthly basis. Charging for it is best in the long rn.

Keith Justice

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Good! :D

I like you're name, actually. This is if you REALLY need a change. Your name no longer fits you and you know of another that is your soul name. and you want to contribute to HJU.

Puts more value on your name and assures you pick one that's badass and one you would wanna keep.

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