Mythroll Armory Introduces Morningstar Dice

Peter Paltridge

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Here’s the latest from Mythroll Armory, makers of intricate tabletop gaming accessories. Wildly styled, hand-carved dice are their specialty, and they’ll soon be adding to enthusiasts’ collections with the new creation, Morningstar Dice.
These are described as “heavy, pointy, intimidating solid metal dice” that “make an impression at the table and upon your enemy’s face.” There are eight finish options in just as many designer colors: Avery (Dark Green on Rose Gold), Conquest (Red on Gold), Isle (Light Blue on Silver), King’s Armor (Copper on Steel), Merchant (Copper on Gold), Nautilus (Rich Blue on Rose Gold), Ranger (Forest Green on Steel), and Witch King (Gold on Black).
The Kickstarter for the dice is live as of...

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