Aug 26, 2011
I, Lavender Ranger the co-webmaster of PRC and blogger of Henshin Grid. 3 years ago when it looked like Disney was not going to adapt Shinkenger, I decided to make my own fan film using Shinkenger footage. Unfortunately or fortunately Saban adapted it into Samurai. But I decided to keep doing it. But since I already started (and got jackets of red, blue, green, pink & yellow), I decided to adapt Dairanger and unused footage. I couldn't do Jetman because of the jackets I bought and I had no more budget. Well this movie was done with zero budget, like the first season of MMPR, just using footage for action.

Mythical Destiny will be out Aug 31 on YouTube and Henshin Grid, it is about five warriors trained for years because of their families have (a bit of Shinkenger plot). Red doesn't want help and Green doesn't want to join. They must fight Vorous, a demon come from people's strife and anger.

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