Mystic Force bad or good?

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Simply put, they got lazy and/or uncreative.

I mean, look at Operation Over drive episode 2, that was mostly Boukenger footage.


It didn't even partially sync to the dub, it couldn't have cost them that much more to get a new actress in that didn't make the last episode that much worse. That and the winning Kamehameha.

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That, or they should have re-hired Barbara Goodson, the original voice actress of Rita Repulsa from MMPR.

Same goes for changing BoukenYellow's pose, because they thought it was either "Too Cute," or an "Up-Yours" gesture.

This is definitely sad, even for me.:disappoin
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Dark Kabuto

In Justice, We Trust!
Well, Natsuki and Ronnie are two diffrent people, so they most likely changed the pose because it didn't suit the charecter.

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