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My Sweet Monster, A modern take on Beauty and the Beast
Lionsgate Films has released My Sweet Monster for Digital, a Russian 3D animated picture, in English. The film was first released in 2020 but it will finally be available in English voice acting.  Haylie Duff(Yes Hilary Duff is her Sister),Jon Heder and Pauly Shore are featured in The English Cast. Unlike most animated Princess movies set in Medieval and Victorian eras, There is a presence of technology on this fairy tale.
My Sweet Monster Official Trailer

There was a first attempt to make the original Russian Cast to do the English dub but the voice acting is horrendous. The recast version we are getting for Home video and Digital is much more better than this one:

On her 16th birthday, Princess Barbara (Haylie Duff) learns that she would be forced to marry a...

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Everything is bizarre about this plot, from postman hijacking the kingdom to princess dodging her own wedding. 🤣 I've heard of love triangles before but this rectangle is pushing it to the limit. That first trailer did a good job at presenting the story even more than the second one.

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