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My stepmom’s daughter is my ex and has a plot you usually see in porn. Step Family porn has become a popular genre that has become the majority of what is on the internet now. I do not know what inspired light novelist Kyōsuke Kamishiro to write this, but I believe he knows there is a market for it. His light novel has become popular enough to get an Anime adaptation. Incest romance had become a norm in Japanese media. Hence, a romance between step-siblings who live on the same roof is tame compared to titles like Koi Kaze or Oreimo. Also, we had shows like Game of Thrones, which is the most mainstream media portrayal of incest. My stepmom’s daughter is my ex and is not a Hentai. It’s a romantic comedy with a plot more common to porn.

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Well to be fair, It is legal to marry your step sibling in all states because you are not blood related, so no inbreeding will happen.


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I heard Japan's obsession with little sister incest had something to do with Japanese men being into women they can protect and will depend on them. So that feeds the little sister fantasy. Japanese people do not date siblings in real life but it is a popular trope in fiction because of the taboo subject. It may be acceptable in fiction but in real life in Japan, You will still be shunned by society if you engage in incest.
I grew up with my Stepsiblings and I see them as siblings, I will never fathom with the idea of dating them. This Anime's plot is too icky for me. gross!

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Incest is not a new phenomenon in Japanese culture, as cousin marriages were once common. Also, the Japanese emperors have concubines, so their sons will have half sisters to marry. Though cousin marriage is accepted in Japan, there is a decline in real life and it is looked down on. It is only the Incel otakus who are into incest themes. Step Sibling, I guess, became an option since foreign audiences are not into direct incest and Step Sibling satisfies the taboo in a more palatable way.