My reason of why Go-Busters and Kamen Rider Wizard fail

"Let's DRIVING!!!!!"
Jun 19, 2007
The reason Go-Buster failed is because it was flat out boring to watch with bland characters, annoying side kicks were useless, and monsters that would rather run away than fight.
Yep, that sums it up for me.

The reason Wizard failed is because its last 5 episodes rendered the entire cast pointless, along with the villains, the Phantoms never felt like a threat, and the entire secondary cast (Koyomi, Rinko, Shunpei) were not even needed at all in the entire series. They added nothing to the plot. Wajima did more than all three of them combined.

Yeah, now that you mentioned it, I kinda had that feeling that it was gonna be a cheesy knock-off of the Harry Potter movies, but with Kamen Rider in it.
-Haruto: "The Harry Potter"
-Koyomi and Shunpei: "The unnecessary sidekicks"
-Rinko: "The hot lady friend who is a cop."
-Wajima: "The Dumbledore"