My Power Rangers Battle For the Grid Gameplay with custom music


Here's an Online Match with Lord Zed with a remix of his theme as custom BGM.

Here's a highlight real of some of my online matchs as Gold Ranger with his theme as custom BGM



A Online VS highlight reel for the Quantam Ranger/TimeFire. The touch of death is strong with this one. I used the main theme from Time Force for this vid.

On a side note I also have some other Battle for the grid gameplay on my channel as well as gameplay for Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis, KR Climax Fighters, With reviews for both of those games.


A highlight reel of me using Doggy Kruger in Online VS match's with some theme music from Dekaranger

Highlights from my online matchs with Jen to the Theme song from Timeranger.

A highlight reel of my online matches as Tommy with both the White Ranger Skin and The Green Ranger V2 Skin. I used both White and Green Ranger theme songs.

Highlights from my online match's using The Manga Defender. I used two songs for this. The first is a a cover of his theme, second main theme for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

I put a little fun clip as an intro to this video. So don't go and think theirs no gameplay in this video.Gold Ranger has changed a lot since his release day. I've grown a lot with him since my old highlight reel. So here's my second set of match highlights with the updated Gold Ranger. I used two songs this time . The first song is enemies beware form the Power Rangers Zeo ost and the Gold Ranger theme.

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