Tabletop My own-designed card game

Nov 28, 2014
I made this card game up about a month ago. It is called "25". There are only a few rules.

The game is best played with at least three players. Each person is dealt three cards in their hand. The rest of the deck is in the middle. The object is to show 25 face-up in front of you. It has to be exact. Only ace through 9 are used as points cards to get to 25. Face cards can be used to steal another person's card that is in play (not in their hand). The thief has to play it immediately, they can't hold it. Tens are wild, but can only be used to win. This means you can hold a ten in your hand, but it can only be played when at least 16 is showing (and it can represent 17-25). There are only three moves that can be made. A person can steal another players card (by throwing a face card into the discard pile), a card can be played (trying to equal 25), or a card can just be tossed. In all three cases, another card must be drawn, keeping three cards in your hand at all times. That is it. It is a pretty fast game.
The point system is simple too. The winner reaches 250 total. Only ace through 9 have value. The winner gets the full 25, but everyone else must subtract what's in their hand from what they played. Face cards and tens have no value. If the hand exceeds what's played then their score is zero. There are no negatives.
Enjoy the game! If you ever play this let me know how it went. I have only tested it on two people so far. Thanks.