My next big idea: Super Sentai Board Game


Resident Precureologist
Welcome to Dawn River, a city of 56,000 people. This city on the California coast boasts a space center, a mall with forty-seven shops, a harbor that houses the the latest and greatest cruise liners. But this calm city is under attack quite often. Whether it's the Plague Empire trying to kill humanity, the Abyssal Legion trying to destroy the surface world, or the Fallen Host trying to force the will of Baldric the Mad upon the humans, the city is constantly at risk. But thankfully, there's a team of heroes that protect the city. the STRIKE squads. With their high-tech weaponry and giant robots, they push our enemies back.

That's the opening for the board game I'm writing, where a team of three to eight players play the heroes, and one other player is the villain. Hero players roll dice to stack up tokens to attack the enemies, remove minions from the board, charge up the team cannon and use the giant robot. The heroes have to bank their rolls carefully, because they're sharing their totals with the whole team.

However, there's another element at play here. Sometimes on a roll, you may get what's called a Plot Twist. This is something that triggers between your roll phase and your action phase and it changes the flow of the game. Things like:

ENGAGE THE COMPLEXOTRON: The guys at the lab believe the only way to beat the giant monster is to use your twelve-part mecha configuration. During giant robot phase, all actions cost triple the normal number of Mecha Tokens.


JUMP CUT! You've been fighting the enemy so long that the fight has spilled over into a different part of the city. Replace all the map tiles and remove the enemy's minion tokens.

or even
SUITLESS ROLLCALL: Every hero player at the table must perform a funny pose and identify their character by secret identity, hero team and color, and gain a bonus in combat.

I need more ideas for these plot twists. Give me your best ideas, and I'll tell you if I already have them, or how I'd phrase them.