My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Coming To Mobile

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There are several mediums you can experience the world of My Hero Academia in….books, television. Now you can add phones to that list as Funimation and Sony prepare to launch a new mobile game based on the property, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero.
This third-person adventure will allow fans to step into the roles of Midoriya / Deku and other characters…Bakugo, Todoroki, All Might and Endeavor are mentioned in Funi’s press info. It’ll also be possible to play as villains like Stain. You can assemble your own team to take on guys like like Shigaraki and Nomu (who I guess aren’t playable) in story mode, challenge other players in PVP mode, or take on the Allied Assault in co-op mode. If your personal favorite character isn’t in the game at launch, more characters and content are planned for the months ahead.
“We’re incredibly excited to bring fans the first ever My Hero Academia mobile game available outside Asia,” says Paul Joffe, VP of Games at Sony Pictures Television Games...

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